South Shore Pile Driving can offer and is not limited to a full range of service on land. With our high precision, efficient and versatile equipment, SSPD specializes in pile foundations but can adapt to many other elements in the industry. Based on our current offerings and project portfolio raised pile foundations are our focused niche but we have also completed several piers, marina reconstruction, helical pilings, waterfront sundecks, bulkheads, solar farms, zip line parks, boardwalk art gallery. 

With over 30 years constructing beach homes we can offer you advice and guidance with FEMA regulations and constructing residential houses on pile foundations. Please feel free to reach  out and most likely we will be able to accommodate your needs. Whether it be, new flood zone requirements and building codes, elevating new structures on pile foundations has become the new norm. South Shore Pile Driving has extensive experience working with treated lumber, engineered materials, and steel. Our skill sets and expertise is not limited to solely pile driving – we can install beams and bracing as well, leaving the building ready to be framed.